Connects 2-4 Computers through your existing Network so they can all communicate to each other and staff or team can share information or documents much faster.
Connect the two computers using a crossover cable. At least one of the computers being connected should be using Windows Vista, 7, or 8.
Open the Network and Sharing Center. …
Select your network. …
Enable network discovery.

This is a One Time Special that will help all small business.
Does not include any windows setup, Cable running, Router or networking switches.
This services is for existing networks that need to be linked together for home or business use.


Benefits of Networking:

Most of the benefits of networking can be divided into two generic categories: connectivity and sharing. Networks allow computers, and hence their users, to be connected together. They also allow for the easy sharing of information and resources, and cooperation between the devices in other ways.
Share Documents, Files, Quickbooks, Videos, Music and many other important task without having to walk from one computer to the other over and over.